Gallery - Restoration



Undergrowth and years of debris were cleared from the Lade channel.



Flowing once again, the Lade is a prominent feature in the park.  Sections of the banks have been planted with moisture loving plants, providing interest throughout the year.

A pergola has been built on the site of the old Teahouse.  The garden has been planted with tea related plants and shrubs. 

The new trees arrived in April 2011.

A wide variety of new trees have been planted throughout the park, providing interest in all seasons.  Several have been generously sponsored - three by people who live far, far from Crieff.

11th February 2011 - the new bridge arrives.

The new bridge, which replaces the old Lattice Bridge, provides safer access between Taylor Park and Mungall Park and also provides a circular walk within the park boundaries.
 The entrance to Mungall Park and the previously very steep path have been redesigned.  Materials excavated from the tennis courts and Lade were recycled and used to regrade the slope


The pavilion has been completely renovated and extended to meet the requirements of a 21st century, multi-purpose community building.  Provision now includes an office for the Greenspace Ranger, a cafeteria/meeting area, kitchen and toilets.  
A semi-automated toilet block has been built beside the pavilion.


 A new floral display area was designed featuring petal shaped flower beds.

Led by the Greenspace Ranger, pupils from all the local schools, assisted by members of Crieff in Leaf and the Friends group, planted summer bedding plants.
Members of the Friends of MacRosty Park kept the flower beds weed free.
In early 2012, roses were planted to form a permanent floral display.


Easter Sunday 2011 - crowds flocked to the newly re-opened park to enjoy the new facilities.




The bandstand has been completely renovated. Layers of lead based paint were removed, returning the ironwork to its original condition.  An electricity supply has been installed for future events.
Low growing shrubs have been planted around the base and the circular path top dressed with red blaes.                           

The relief on the panels, previously hidden under layers of paint, has been embellished with gold leaf.

       At the north end of the channel, near the 
       weir, excavations revealed the pipes and
       inlet valves.

The new intake chamber has an adjustable   weir plate to control the amount of water entering the Lade and returning the rest to the spillway.  
At normal flow, the Lade takes 8.5 litres per second from the Turret Burn.

Three of the new seats, generously sponsored by local families, have been placed in this area.  Many more sponsored seats are located throughout the Park.

The steep slopes east of the Lade were re-graded to allow a new path to be constructed which meets gradient requirements for disabled access.  In addition to the new path, the original path along the southern boundary has been re-instated and new steps were designed to make the climb to the top section of the park less arduous.  A new, wider bridge with a ramped access path has been built across the Lade.

              The first of the replacement cherry
              trees by the Lade was planted on
              11th April, 2011.  

New railings have been installed and the path has been resurfaced with tarmac, replacing the rough gravel path.


The tennis courts were removed to make way for the exciting new play area

The Pavilion Café  "The Tuckie " operated by David and Jane Murrell, is open 7 days a week, 10am-4pm - minimum hours, from March - October.
The café stocks a range of hot and cold drinks, soup, filled rolls, confectionery and 
ice -cream.
The verandah has been extended to provide space for tables and chairs.

The old car park was inadequate for the number of vehicles bringing people to the park or Lady Mary's Walk.  The attractively designed new car park has provision for 53 standard vehicles, 4 large vehicles, 4 spaces for Blue Badge holders, plus spaces for bicycles.  The lay-by provides space for buses.

Information boards are located adjacent to the car park and at the entrance on Comrie Road.


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