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Thomas Shannon III


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2007  Ph.D. Ecology, University of Georgia                                         2004  Coral Molecular Techniques Workshop, University of Hawaii    2000  B.A., Magna Cum Laude Biology, St. Mary's College, MD    1998  Montgomery College of Rockville Maryland                            1990  New York State Firefighters School                                        1988  U.S. Navy Metrology and Calibration School                         1985  U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit                                1984  U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School                                           1983  U.S. Naval Machinist's Mate 'A' School


Shannon, T. (2007) Photosmoregulation: evidence of host behavioral photoregulation of an algal endosymbiont by the acoel Convolutriloba retrogemma as a means of non-metabolic osmoregulation. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Georgia, pp 178.                                Download pdf

Shannon, T. & Achatz, J.G. (2007) Convolutriloba macropyga sp. nov., an uncommonly fecund acoel (Acoelomorpha) discovered in tropical aquaria. Zootaxa. 1525:1-17.                                                    Download pdf

Shannon, T., Hatch, W.I. & Fitt, W.K. (in review) A novel method for the determination of photosynthate translocation in an algal-acoel symbiotic system: an in vivo, qualitative approach.

Shannon, T., Hatch, W.I., & Fitt, W.K. (in prep) Photomovements of Convolutriloba retrogemma.

Shannon, T. (in prep) Photosmoregulation: photoregulation as a method of osmoregulation in the symbiotic system of Convolutriloba retrogemma.


Of toxicity and passion: Ulterior motives in algal/invertebrate symbioses. Symbiofest 2008

Protocol development: methods to madness - a novel method for the determination of photosynthate translocation in an algal-acoel symbiotic system. Symbiofest 2007

Endosymbiotic photosynthesis as a mediator of photoregulatory/ osmoregulatory behavior in Convolutriloba host species. EPA Graduate Fellowship Conference 2006

Illuminating the Convolutriloba conundrum. Symbiofest 2006

Osmoregulatory functions in invertebrate/algal symbiotic systems and their potential role in catastrophic coral bleaching events. EPA Graduate Fellowship Conference 2004 (Invited Speaker)

A weird worm and its wandering ways: Evidence for behavioral osmoregulation? University of Georgia’s Institute of Ecology Seminar Series 2003

Algal symbioses and the potential for osmotic stress:  How do symbiotic reef invertebrates and corals deal with it? 7th International Conference on Coelenterate Biology 2003

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Convolutriloba macropygaConvolutriloba macropyga

Convolutriloba spp.Convolutriloba spp

A. C. retrogemma
B. C. hastifera
C. C. longifissura
D. C. macropyga

The Young Naturalist, Soroako, Sulawesi, Indonesia circa 1978Tom Shannon, Soroako 1978


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