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Main tank containing mixed populations of Convolutriloba species                                                           Main tank with wave maker. Wave produced by periodic siphon action of water volume in bucket

Acoel collector (black & grey device) and wave diffuser                                                                              Main tank with overflow to sump and refugium

Sump/refugium containing DI water make-up float, protein fractionator, pump intake filter, and bio-bed                                                                     Pump intake filter and make-up float

Custom-made pump intake filter                                                             Filter with clean-out cap removed

Disassembled filter showing central retention core and bio-ball media                                                                 Phosphate reactor with pre-filter. At far right is DI make-up valve, merely a reconfigured toilet float valve

Phosphate reactor intake, output, and screen assemblies                                                                                 Internal view of reactor intake with screen assembly in place. Designed for use with RowaPhos media

Convolutriloba species culture tanks. Flow supplied from main sump                                                                     Culture tanks overflow return to main research tank

Individual culture tank with flow control and collection grids                                                                         Collection grid removed showing acoel aggregation

Clean seawater storage tank piped to sump for water changes and to lab sink                                                                                                             Hatchery for Artemia and rotifers, labeled image

Schematic of light chamber w/ fiber-optic light source used in acoel photomovement studies                                                             Labeled photograph of the same

Underside of top half of light chamber showing fiber-optic ports, air diverter, and polarized lens                                                                                                    Side view of water-cooled light chamber set up for time- lapse photography

Schematic of light chamber w/ light emitting diode light source                                                                                                                     Top view of light chamber set up for time-lapse photography using LED light source

Side view of light chamber w/ LED light source                                                                             Fabrication of LED light source w/potentiometer

Top view of LED light source showing interchangeable resistors, on/ off switch, and potentiometer control                                                             Bottom view showing array of six interchangeable LED lamps

Time-lapse movie of photophobic behavior of C. retrogemma taken in light chamber                                                                                             Light trough used for irradiance preference studies

Schematic drawing of vacuum-assisted dewatering device used prior to weighing of live acoels                                                                                                                                         Photograph of the acoel dewatering device

Acoel in water droplet prior to dewatering                                                                                                 Acoel on plankton net patch after dewatering. Note: the animal is unharmed throughout this procedure

Sony DSC-P71 camera attachment for Wild M3Z stereomicroscope                                                                 Underside of attachment showing x-y axis centering mechanism

Canon PowerShot A520 camera attachment for Zeiss Axioskop-2 phase-contrast compound microscope                                                                                                                                     Attachment was fabricated from recycled microscope stage parts, aluminum, and PVC

Close-up of attachment without camera                                                                                         Adjustments allow for ocular focus, camera to ocular distance (field diameter), and x-y axis centering of the camera