Spring 2018

Macro and International Macro Workshop

Spring 2018

Time and Location: Thursdays, 12.15pm - 1.15pm, Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building Room 399

Date Presenter Year Title
2/8/18 J Bernstein G4 "Aggregate Shocks, Monetary Policy, and Household Heterogeneity."
2/15/18 P Ho G5

"Global Robust Bayesian Analysis in DSGE Models."

2/22/18 K Matsuda G5

“Education policy and endogenous dropout.”

3/1/18 D Capelle G4

"College pricing, inequality and social mobility."

3/8/18 C Wolf G4

"Limits of Aggregation: Why Firm Heterogeneity Matters for Macro Dynamics."

3/15/18 M Vogler G3

"Inequality at the Top: Down to the Roots."

3/22/18 SPRING BREAK    
3/29/18 N Fernandez-Arias G4

"A model of productivity growth through creative destruction by employee spinouts."

4/5/18 A Bilal G4

"Firm and Worker Dynamics in a Frictional Labor Market."

4/12/18 Y Koby G4

"Monetary Policy through the Banking System."

4/19/18 F Mendo Lopez G5

"Macroeconomic Instability: A Ta(i)l(e) of Two Risks."

4/26/18 F Huneeus G5 "Firms' Production Network and the Propagation of Micro Shocks."
5/3/18 J Fonseca G5
5/10/18 M Dobrew G5