Fall 2015

Macro and International Macro Workshop

Fall 2015

Date: Thursdays
Time: 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Location: Robertson Hall, Bowl 1

September 17 Pedro Olea
Optimal Retirement Savings Policies: The Trade-off Between Paternalism and Redistribution

September 24 Alejandro Van der Ghote
Monetary Policy in an Economy with Nominal Rigidities and Financing Constraints

October 1 Christian Moser
Effects of the Minimum Wage on Income Inequality: Evidence from Brazil (with Niklas Engbom)

October 8 Cristian Alonso
Beyond Labor Market Outcomes: The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Non-Durable Consumption

October 15 Yu Zhang
The Savings Origin of a Housing Boom

October 22 Niklas Engbom
Labor Market Frictions and Life-cycle Wage Growth: A Cross-Country Comparison

October 29 Kazushige Matsuda
Skill Biased Technological Change, the Skill Premium, and Entrepreneurship

Jung eun Yoon
Misallocation in a Model with Endogenous Managerial Capital and Credit Constraint

November 5 Fall Break - No presentation

November 12 Jason Ravit

Optimal Taxation in General Equilibrium: Insurance, Redistribution, and Retirement


November 19 Justin Weidner
Student Loan Debt and Misallocation of Human Capital

November 26 Thanksgiving Break - No presentation

December 3 Sungki Hong

December 10
Sergii Kiiashko

Fernando Mendo Lopez and Julius Vutz

December 17 So Kubota

Dmitry Mukhin