Spring 2015

Macro and International Macro Workshop

Spring 2015

Date: Thursdays
Time: 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Location: Robertson Hall, Bowl 1

February 5 Sungki Hong
Markup Cyclicality

Dmitry Mukhin
The Role of Adjustment Costs in Labor Misallocation

February 12 Pedro Olea
Advance Information and the Role for Self-Selection in Taxation

February 19 Niklas Engbom
Firms and the Great Decline in Inequality in Brazil

February 26 Ricardo Reyes-Heroles
External Imbalances: Do Falling Trade Costs Help Us Understand Them?

March 5 Christian Moser
Designing Optimal Pension Schemes With Heterogeneity in Present Bias joint with Pedro Olea

March 12 So Kubota
Child Care Cost and Stagnating Female Labor Market in US

Sergii Kiiashko 
Optimal Sovereign External Debt Maturity Structure

March 19 Spring Break - No Presentation

March 26 Saman Darougheh
Employment Volatility

April 2 Alex Rodnyansky
The Effects of Quantitative Easing on Bank Lending Behavior

April 9 Yu Zhang
The Savings Origins of a Housing Boom

Jason Ravit
Optimal Taxation in General Equilibrium: Insurance, Redistribution, and Retirement joint with Zongbo Huang and Michael Sockin

April 16 Cristian Alonso
Minimum Wage and Non-Durable Consumption: Evidence from Retail Sales

April 23 Alejandro Van der Ghote
Monetary Policy and Financial Stability

Clara Santamaria
Effects of Local Incentives for High-Paying Jobs: Exploring Data on Occupations and Cities

April 30
Justin Weidner
Effect of Student Loan Debt on Labor Market Outcomes

May 7 Jung eun Yoon
Misallocation in a Model with Managerial Ability and Credit Constraints

Emil Verner
Household Credit, Consumption Booms, and Growth joint with Atif Mian and Amir Sufi