September 23 2014 

Aula Polivalente - 5PM



Object: The aim of this workshop is for LUISS faculty, post-docs and PhD students to present very preliminary work, discuss it with the other participants, create opportunities for joint research, get to know others’ research agendas, and last but not least … have fun!  

 When: Tuesday, September 23 at 5PM (room POLIVALENTE).

Rules of the game:
  1. Each presentation will last max 10 minutes and can use up to 7 slides.
  2. After each presentation, a 5 minute floor discussion will follow.
Organizers: Nicola Borri (nborri at luiss dot it) and Domenico Giannone (dgiannone at luiss dot it)


5:00-5:10PM Natasha RovoFinancial stability between monetary and macro-prudential policies

5:15-5:25PM Domenico GiannoneThe low frequency effects of macroeconomic news on government bond yields (with Carlo Altavilla e Michele Modugno)

5:30-5:40PM Marika CioffiWhen your retirement income becomes stochastic: behavioral versus non behavioral response

5:45-5:55PM Ugo ZaniniProductivity, inequality and ineffectiveness of monetary policy

10 minutes break

6:10-6:20PM Arianna GalieraA hybrid public good experiment eliciting multi-dimensional choice data (with Daniela di Cagno, Wener Guth and Luca Panaccione)

6:25-6:35PM Pietro Reichlin, Is money a tax in a cashless economy?

6:40-6:50PM Jacopo Carmassi, On the supervisory role of central banks: back to the future? (with Giorgio di Giorgio, Pierluigi Murro and Alexandra D'Onofrio)

6:55-7:05PM Liliane Giardino-KarlingerAntidumping regulation and export cartels

7:10-7:20PM Adriana GrassoReal interest rates and business cycle: a model of yield curve inversion (with Filippo Natoli) 

7:25-7:35PM Giuseppe RagusaInstrumental variables with clusters