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The mission of Macro Finance Society (The Society hereafter) is to advance and disseminate high-quality research in Macro Finance, which is a broad area at the intersection of financial economics and macroeconomics. The research conducted at The Society emphasizes microeconomic foundations via (dynamic) structural modeling, while being grounded in the data. Members of The Society consist of both financial economists and macroeconomists, who share the common goal of advancing and disseminating high-quality research in Macro Finance. The focus of The Society is on cultivating junior faculty. As such, although The Society does not have an official Ph.D. year cutoff, current membership is directed at those with a Ph.D. granted 1990 or later. 


The Society was co-founded in the fall of 2012 by Andrea Eisfeldt, Francois Gourio, Hanno Lustig, Neng Wang, and Lu Zhang, who formed the first Board of Directors for The Society.  


Specific activities of The Society include the following:


o    The Society holds semiannual Macro Finance Workshops. These workshops aim to provide an informal forum, in which young (as well as experienced) researchers in Macro Finance can present and receive constructive feedback on their preliminary work.


o    Striving to bridge financial economics and macroeconomics, The Society offers a forum via which financial economists and macroeconomists can communicate with each other on a regular basis so as to develop creative, interdisciplinary research.


o    To facilitate communications between financial economists and macroeconomists, The Society periodically offers methodological lectures. These lectures are a quick way to catch up with an important area of active research, without working through a large number of published articles.