About the Penultimate Page of the Internet

The Penultimate Page of the Internet was originally posted on April 20, 2000, then took a sabbatical through the latter half of 2001. It was reposted on January 28, 2002.


What does "Penultimate" Mean?

Merriam-Webster Online defines penultimate as:

Main Entry: pen…ul…ti…mate
Pronunciation: pi-'n&l-t&-m&t
Function: adjective
Date: 1677
1 : next to the last <the penultimate chapter of a book>
2 : of or relating to a penult <a penultimate accent>
- pen…ul…ti…mate…ly adverb


Isn't this a cheap rip-off of the Last Page of the Internet?

And your point is?..

But seriously, "rip-off" is a dirty word. The "Penultimate Page" was inspired by, but is a separate creation from, the "Last Page"... much like how the stage production of Beauty and the Beast was inspired by the Disney film version. Just you wait until the "Antepenultimate Page" appears!