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Mac-O-Chee Quarter Midget Racing Assocation



What is a Quarter Midget?

A quarter midget car is a scaled-down version of an actual midget racer, approximately 1/4 scale. The cars are built around a tubular frame and are fully suspended with springs or torsion bars and shocks. The bodies are fiberglass, usually painted to the driver's preference. Surrounding the driver is a chrome-moly roll cage and nerf bars. The engines are single cylinder and are manufactured by Honda, Continental/Deco and Briggs & Stratton. In stock configuration, they produce between 3 & 6 horse power. Modifications in the upper classes allow these engines to reach several times the stock horse power. These air-cooled 4 cycle engines are reliable and can produce over 10,000 rpm in their more highly modified forms.


We are a non-profit racing organization for children 5-16 years of age. Mac-O-Chee QMRA is proud to be part of the United States Auto Club (USAC) family. The cars, rules and safety procedures are designed specifically for the children as they race on dirt and asphalt tracks approximately 1/20 of a mile. We constantly review and evaluate safety rules to ensure that quarter midget racing remains a safe, competitive sport. Our racing environment is about children and their families, with the children learning about sportsmanship and valuable life skills, while the entire family makes long-lasting relationships with new families. We value Mac-O-Chee QMRA and take pride in making it the best it can be for our future stars of racing who dream of joining the ranks of former quarter midget racers like Ryan Newman and Joey Logano.  


How to Get Started

Once you have a car and safety equipment, your child will participate in the club's Rookie Program. They will learn about their car, equipment, flags and racing procedures. Check out the website for information on our Rookie Program. Contact our Rookie Director for information on our Rookie Program. Contact the club Secretary for information on joining Mac-O-Chee QMRA to begin your racing experience.

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