A free software for macOS to manage confidential textual notes and tasks.

Copyright Massimo Nardello, Modena (Italy) 2018
Version 3.6.0 stable, released on August 10 2018

General information

macNotex is a free software for macOS useful to manage a file of strongly encrypted textual notes and tasks while maintaining optimal performances even with big amount of data. It’s aim is to grant the user an highly secure tool to manage very confidential data. For this reason:
  • macNotex uses the AES 256 bit encryption, cipher mode CBC and SHA 512;
  • the required password to encrypt a file is necessarily 10 characters long or more, chosen at least from three of these four groups: small and upper case letters, numbers and other characters (asterisk, brackets, etc.);
  • optionally, the password used to save a file could be immediately forgotten by the software and typed again by the user each time a file is to be saved, so that the same password does not remain in the computer’s memory while the software is being used.
A file of macNotex is a textual encrypted file containing many notes. Since no database is used, when a file is opened, all the notes inside it are decrypted and loaded into the memory of the computer, and when it’s saved, all the notes are encrypted and saved on the disk.

The notes of macNotex have a very simple structure. They cannot have pictures inside nor attachments, but the text can be formatted in bold, italics, underline and strikethrough, and it can be highlighted in yellow. Other functionalities of the software are indented lists with bullets, undo and redo, spell checking, links to websites, files and to other notes in the file in use.

Every note has a title, a list of tags (keywords), a date and a free-length text. The title and the date of every note are shown in a read only grid on the left of the interface of the software, so that a note might be shown selecting its title in this grid. Furthermore, in the same grid the title of a note can be indented, to make it a sub note of the previous one, or deindented, moved up and down, always with its possible sub notes. It's possibile to search the notes on titles, tags, dates and text. The text of the notes may contain also tasks, possibly with a deadline, which can be shown together in a form, sorted, filtered and exported in csv or iCal formats.

The notes in the file in use can be saved in a HTML file, which can be open with a wordprocessor like Word or Writer, maintaining their level and the formatting of the text. The user may save all the notes of the current file or only the current one along with its possible sub notes and may exclude tags and dates from the output file. Finally, two independent backup files are automatically created when a file is loaded and when it's saved.

Why not use Word instead of macNotex?

Unlike word processors like Word or Writer, macNotex can handle very efficiently big amount of data. For instance, in an MacBook Air with an Intel i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM, a file of 10.000 notes having a title, three tags and a text of 2.500 characters (more than 25 millions of characters) is open in about 10 seconds and saved in 5 seconds, while each research or saving of a note is immediate. On the contrary, a word processor can handle properly not more of 300.000-400.000 characters in a single file.

Licence and technical characteristics

macNotex is free software and is released under the GPL licence version 3 or following. It has been created with Lazarus and uses the DCPcrypt components and a modified version of TRichMemo component whose source code is included in the source code of macNotex. It's a 64 bit software and uses the Cocoa libraries. It runs only in English and Italian.

macNotex is a lighter version of EncNotex. See the reason of this fork in this page
To have more information on the software, see the English manual of the software or the Italian translation in the Download section.


The following screenshots have been taken from macNotex 3.0 on macOS. The color of the font of the notes and of the top and bottom bars, like many other elments, can be changed my the user. Click on a screenshot to enlarge it.

Main interface of the software with the search panel visible.

Options of the software

Password dialog

Transparency of macNotex activated, macOS colors are inverted.


To contact me, the author of macNotex, send an email to ms.nardello at the domain Please do not contact me in order to have support on the installation or the use of the software. I can't really answer to this kind of requests.


See the improvements of each version in the improvements section.


See the bugs of the current and of previous versions in the bugs section.


Download the packages of macNotex, the manuals and the source code in the Download section.


This software has been made with Lazarus