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Telemedicine Video Visits

Due to the rapidly rising rate of COVID-19 cases and deaths, we at Michigan Adult and Child Medicine want to keep you and our office staff safe.
We are converting our office visits to Telemedicine Video Visits. These “virtual” visits will function as much like regular office visits as possible. We can send in scripts on-line and send/fax orders for tests and letters electronically.
For those patients that have no access to laptops, tablets or smart phones with webcams, we can do telephone visits as well.

We realize that this is not ideal, however for this unique moment in history, we feel that this is the safest way to take care of our patients. 

Scheduling a Virtual Visit

1. Call and set up an appointment just as you would any other appt.

2. At your scheduled time, click the link for the appropriate provider below. This will direct you to a virtual waiting room.

3. While you are waiting, one of our staff members may come on first to make sure the connection is good, ask appropriate initial questions, and gather any vital signs possible (home blood pressure readings, home temperatures, weights, etc.).

4. Conduct a visit as we typically would to the extent possible given the limitations.

We can prescribe medications and refills remotely as well as create test orders that can be mailed or faxed.

If you have no access to devices with webcams, then the visit will be conducted over a telephone (audio only). 

Provider Links for Virtual Telemedicine Visits

At the time of your scheduled appointment, click the link below for the appropriate provider.

Please, only click the link at your scheduled time or if directed on the phone by our staff.

John Byrne, MD        

Renee Paye, MD       

Brent Fuller, MD