Other Mac's

This is a page for when I find people who are named MacMenamin, I can store until I find where they fit on our tree.
I have always been told that if the name is spelled  "MacMenamin" or "Mac Menamin" then they are related.

The Celtic Who's Who  Page 107
MACMENAMIN, John. (Seaghan MacMeanman.) Address—Kingarrow, Lough Finn, Co. Donegal. Born 30th Oct., 1887. Father, Peter MacMenamin : Mother, Mary MacMenamin. Winner of gold and silver medals in Literary Competitions Oireachtas (1910 ; winner of gold Cross, Springfield (Mass.), Irish Literary Society (1911). Publications—Sgeulta Goiride Geimhridh (1915); Contributor, over various nom-de-plumes, of articles and stories of Irish

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