Inline image 4 Elizabeth "Lilly" Powderly  born and raised in Dublin, Ireland  2/26/1906 and died in Croton-on-the-Hudson 11/11/65
                                      Picture of Lilly when she was 16
                                      on her 18th birthday she applies for a VISA.
                                      she sails to America on March 8, 1926.  She works as Nanny in NYC
                                      Married John J. MacMenamin in 1/26/1927 in New York City
                                      Lilly & John have 2 children
Inline image 3 Oona Anna Carr      born 1870 - 1936 in Dublin, Ireland
                                Marries James Powerly  Born 1873 - 8/8/1956
                                had 7 children 
                                Picture: of the house the children were raised in  8 Cameron Street, Dublin, Ireland 
                                The third child is Elizabeth "Lilly" Powderly
JilMac in front of Grandmothers Home in Dublin Ireland Jil MacMenamin        born 1955 - in New York City
          Visits 8 Cameron Street in Dublin, Ireland on 8-8-2009
          103 years after her grandmother Lily Powerly MacMenamin was born there.
          To have her picture taken in front of her Paternal Grandmothers house.

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                                                    Dolphins Barn
  Lily Powerly applies for her Passport on her 18th birthday,  She sails for America shortly after that.  Here is her postcard to her father before she set sails.  She has been employed at the Dublin MacMenamin Farm house taking care of children,  She has found a family to live with and take care of their children.  JilMac has not found who that family was yet.
 Lily Powerly MacMenamin letter dated Jan 5, 1927 After Arriving in America - she meets John J. MacMenamin (PopPop),   Bernard, John's father is furious - John is supposed to be going to Julliard to become a violinist.  Since he has met Lily - he has been staying up, going to dance halls and playing the fiddle!!  Bernard tries to have Lily deported.  However that does not work - but the letter dated Jan 5, 1927 has been saved - she never forgave Bernard.  
  Lily Powerly and John J. MacMenamin wed Feb 14, 1927
Lily Powerly MacMenamin with her children Alice and John
 Alice    MacMenamin born Dec 12, 1927
John W. MacMenamin born Sept 9, 1929

Cousin Elizabeth Dorman from Dublin, Ireland

Lily, Alice, Jil at the Granville House approx 1967My second cousin Lily Dorman - I will miss her St. Patty's Day cards - and the sound of her brogue.  xoxo
Elizabeth J Dorman born approx spring 1929 her mother's maiden name was Ann Brennan - the only child of Great Grandma's first marriage.  She was widowed and then married Mr. Powderly 

Lily's mother Ann was my Grandmother Lily Powderly MacMenamin's oldest sister (and only sister, 1/2 sister actually.
Both Lily and her older sister Anna and their brothers grew up on 8 Cameron Street in Dublin.
After Anna married - she moved across the street, where she raised Lily Dorman (named after my grandmother) and her 2 sisters & 2 brothers.

Lily & Aunt Alice were "long distance cousins" their whole lives.  Aunt Alice visited Lily in Ireland 2 times, and Lily came to America once.   This is a picture in the Granville House in 1969  with Lily in the Blue Checked Dress(center)
Jil - with the white headband, Aunt Alice with the Pink bandana, and Cathy on the right of Lily, Jeffrey and Claire is in the High Chair

Jil & Pete Visited Lily in 2009 .

 Lily Powerly MacMenamin 1954 Lily Powerly MacMenamin at Carol Crisfield & John W. MacMenamin's wedding  Sept 18, 1954