Josh's Best Man speech at Jake+Isabella's 10-10-15 wedding

Josh's Best Man Speech at Jake+Isabella's 10-10-15 Wedding

Good evening. Thank you all for coming out to celebrate with Jake and Isabella as they start their future together. 

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they find someone who makes them strive to be the best they can be. That one person who they know will understand them, and who they can trust for the rest of their life…. For Jake… that moment came 20 years ago when he met me. 

For those of you who don’t know me I am, Jake’s twin brother, Josh. For those of you who do know me: I’m the “good twin” or the “Handsome twin” as, Lori has most recently found out. Today though, I’m honored to be known as THE “Best Man” and am relieved that Jake has finally admitted it. 

I guess it’s traditional to talk about how the groom met the best man. We were first introduced about 21 years ago. Know we didn’t talk to each other for about the first 9 months and all we really did was kick and fight. Which lead to me breaking his collarbone. So I was forced to move out. Of course he missed me and followed me into the world about 3 minutes later. We’ve never really separated since then, but now He’s going to Japan. 

Certainly it takes a strong women to marry a United States Marine, and I know Isabella will be the strength that Jake takes with him each day while he’s over there. The two of you are married now, and you both have a responsibility to uphold your vows. 

 Growing up, Jake and I were always competitive, and I’d like to say that I always won, whether that be a board game, who got to sit in the front seat, or an arm wrestling match. Although he probably wouldn’t agree with me. That doesn’t matter though because well… I’m always right too. Today though, Jake has won. He’s decided to marry his high school sweetheart, Isabella. 

You know, there’s a common phrase in weddings, “for better, or worse”. In this case, it’s absolutely true because: 
  • Jake couldn’t have done any better, and 
  •  Isabella couldn’t have done any worse. 
 So please raise your glasses and share this toast with me as I wish them the very best as they start their married life.