Jake & Isabella's Wedding Preparations   also see JilMac_VT Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/jilmacvt/weddingflowers

Flowers - 5 Bouquets as close as possible while being economical, to this one.  1 big for the bride & 4 smaller.  xoxo
 Brides Bouquet  and 4 smaller bouquets, 3 for BridesMaids & one to throw!  xoxo
No Callalilies - but the colors like this one.  Red ribbon for the Bride and White/Cream for the 3 brides maids, the one to throw should be Red Ribbon like the Bride

Here is Aunt Jil's dry run to duplicate this bouquet, with Cathy from http://www.lindengardens.com
It is amazing how the camera changes the colors of things.  In the bottom Photograph, one of the Peach Roses almost looks yellow in this - however they are all a beautiful peach
the carnation looks pink however it was exactly the same peach color as the roses.  The top picture looks more like the actual colors.
but the bottom pictures shows more detail.  We replaced the expensive Calla lilies with beautiful dark peach roses, which look beautiful and smell great.
I learned a lot working with Cathy yesterday.  Ordering is interesting --- which you do to the best of your ability then you create
as closely as possible - but the flowers and colors and shades dictate how the creation comes together.
The feathery maroon/green was used in the prototype because the round leaf maroon leaves had not arrived yet.  
And the seeds will be added later.  xoxo


We could have a Larger Basket for the Wedding Envelopes from Guests???

   Ring Bearer
          Pillow with Nanna V's Doiley
          Aunt Jilly still working on the Pillow
   Ushers - Boutonnieres will have a white rose or Red Rose - Isabella will decide
      Right is a Simple One with just a rose (picture this with a White Rose)

Boutiners will just be the 30-30 shell and a white rose - where you see the white golf tee, place-holder.
     Bride - Bouquet
     3 Brides Maids - Bouquet-like Brides only smaller with white/cream ribbon
     1 Bride to throw Bouquet - like brides maids only with Red Ribbon
Boutiners - 4 Guies
     3 Users - ___, Josh, ____
     1 Father of the Bride - ____
Mothers Flowers - 2 Claire & Isabelle's Mom - Wrist Corsages - white rose for Claire & Isabella's Mom since we don't know what they are wearing.

Other Decorations:
    2 Large Oval Mirrors
    10 large battery operated candles
    10 candle stick battery operated candles
    10 Chalk Boards
      6 Wooden Fruit Boxes
    10 Wooden Apple Baskets
    Brass Candle Obra with Battery Operated Candles 
     2 bundles (3 ears each) of Indian Corn
    Yards of Ribbon & Lace

Bride   Isabella Red and orange roses, cotinus foliage, agonis foliage,

orange wax, bicolor fugis (bronze and gold) dark bronze

pom pom, med bronze pom poms , orange

carns ??   Burgundy sheer #9 ribbon

attendant x 3 similar but smaller more orange sheer cream ribbon.

throwaway left overs

Below Jil to make in Virginia, just pack materials

bouts 4 x white roses, agonis, maybe pieces of cotinus, orangewax ruscus

corsages 2 x white roses and same material as bouts.  

Fresh Materials:

red roses  (Jil I can’t remember why I put red roses on loose flowers you would take with you, do you remember or was a mistake?)

ruscus x 2 pieces

6 white roses

loose fill to add to corsages and bouts, wax, cotinus leaves, agonis leaves etc.

Hard Goods:

cloth wire

off white sheer corsage ribbon

burgundy #9 sheer ribbon

cream #9 sheer ribbon

tube of glue

bullets and silver wire

snap wristlets x 2

florist tape

airtight container for corsages and bouts

boutonniere pins

vases (bouquets will be in vases, no charge since they will be returned)