1-John J. MacMenamin

John [Shawn] Joseph MacMenamin 5/25/1904- Dec 18, 1966 
John was born in Dublin, Ireland on 5/25/1904
John immigrated on March 21, 1909, to NYC, USA aboard the boat/vessel CAMPANIA, they recorded his name as:  John MacNamin 
John's Petition for Citizenship on Nov 13, 1933  # 223728 and was witnessed by Margaret & Michael Hennesy.   Listed his occupation as: 

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John Joseph MacMenamin's 80th Birthday Party

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John Frederick - 
    John MacMenamin, Class of 1976 By Michael Emond

When they graduate from high school, most people leave behind the activities they enjoyed during their school years, especially sports and music. That is not true of John MacMenamin. He played basketball and football and was an outstanding track athlete in high school; John finished second in the state meet in discus at Granville. Then he became a 2-time All-American at SUNY-Plattsburgh (discus) in addition to playing football there in his sophomore year, and intramural basketball all four years.  He still holds the discus records at Granville and at Plattsburgh.

John, however, has continued to play basketball in a league at the YMCA in Port Lucie, Florida for 20 years, and has been mountain biking for 10.

“Sports did interfere with my music in high school” John wrote in a recent email, “but I took it up drums again in college and was in symphonic band my junior and senior years. I graduated with 17 credits in music.”

Music is still important in John's life now as he and his family are active at Grace Family Church. He played drums in the church band for 20 years, and played guitar and sang at home Bible studies and at a soup kitchen for the homeless.

“My high school guidance counselor, Coolidge Copeland, looked at what classes I was strong in and suggested that I major in business. Since most jobs are related to business, I decided that was a good idea. I graduated from Plattsburgh in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business management.

“In 1981 I moved to Stuart, Florida and worked at the Stuart News in the circulation department for 19 years, 15 as the single copy manager with about 20 employees dealing with stores and coin-operated racks.

“While I worked at the newspaper, I had a recording studio in my garage where I made extra money to help pay the bills. I got to do some recording with ('76 classmate) Fred Shehadi, whom many may not know is a world-class musician, producer and recording engineer. I am still close friends with him, Glen Straw, Steve Race, Louie Scarlotta, Scott Pauquette, Charles White, Jim Prehoda, and others.

“In 2000 I went to work at Pressure-Pro, a pressure washer manufacturer, and have been there for over 17 years. When I started, we had 15 employees and did about 4 million dollars a year in sales. We currently have over 100 employees and do about 45 million a year in sales. I have been the warehouse manager, Florida territory manager, and am currently on the inside sales team. I was also very active in marketing.

“I married Brenda Buddi in 1982, and we just celebrated our 35th anniversary. We met at Plattsburgh in 1978. We have 4 children: John, 32, then 3 daughters; Juli 28, Amy 26 and Heather 23. My son has a great job in the computer department with AIG Corporation in Houston TX, Juli is homeschooling our 3 grandkids, Amy sells real estate and is the office manager for a local dentist, Heather works at a doctor's office and has her own photography business.

“The biggest positive change in my life happened when I started a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ back in 1982. This changed my priorities drastically, realizing that the most important things were not the material things here on earth, but things you can actually take with you when your time here is over – things like kids, family, loved ones. That's the best investment you can make!

“I think the most influential teacher for me was Anton Kastberg. With his urging, I switched from baseball to track my sophomore year. Anton was the best coach, and even drove me to Albany for summer track meets for several years. He was also a great football coach. Jim and Sylvia Johnson may be my second choices. They instilled in me my love of music.

“Some might say I have lived a charmed life. I would say that the Lord has blessed me and my family. I work hard and play hard. I try to make good decisions, but the credit really goes to the Lord and His amazing Grace.”

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John Daniel & Bethany MacMenamin Wedding