Bernard MacMenamin Young
Bernard MacMenamin  
(Nov 4, 1880*-Oct 23, 1955)   *Bernard's Draft Card written by him 
Birthplace: Bernondsey, London England in the Poor Catholic Section. – His parents immigrated to England during the Potato Famine.  Bernard’s older brother was Joseph (1877).

Alice Girard
Bernard married Alice Girard  (43 Hardwicke Street Rotunda Dublin Ireland Mason House with 7 windows in front, 8 rooms, 11 people  Born:1875 -  5-18-1920 Buried in St. Raymonds Cemetary, NYC on 5-21-1920, she was 45 and had 4 sons:  John, Patrick, Brian & Colm.

Alice Girard's Father Peter Gerrard, born in Ireland in 1851.

Alice Girard's Mother: Maggie O'Donohue born in Ireland in 1854.

Alice (1875) was the oldest child, she had 3 sisters:  Margaret (1880), Annie (1883) & Bridget (1886), and 2 brothers: Peter (1889)& Joseph(1893)


John, Patrick, Brian and Colm MacMenamin

Bernard & Alice had 4 children:  John, Patrick, Brian & Colm.  The first three boys were born in Great Britain. Bernard & Alice emigrated to America on Nov 30, 1908.   Colm was born in America on Feb-12-1913.  Alice passed away from Influenza-TB-Cholera & Operative Shock 7 years later.

After Alice Girard MacMenamin's death the 4 boys were put into Catholic Protective Home/Orphanage.

Bernard MacMenamin Picture 1954     Bernard Married Sarah Josephine Geddis  from Belfast, N. Ireland, immigrated on Feb 28 1921, and married 6 months later on Aug 22, 1921 in NewYork, NewYork (Nov 12, 1885 -May 6, 1958 lived 72 years) who had been sent to America after she smuggled a gun.  She was part of the Shin Fane Movement, more political than the IRA.  Sarah hid the gun in a hat box for the IRA, because the “Black & Tan” criminals & prisoners were released from jail by Britain and sent to Ireland to put down the Irish Republic before the 1916 rebellion.

     Sarah & Bernard had 4 more children James(10-15-1922), Maureen Mary (8-22-1924 died at 6yrs), (Joseph (4-2-1926),  & Bernadette(*[from Sara's Naturalization application #414318] 5-2-1930, actual DOB=3-2-1930).  She was beloved by John, Patrick, Brian & Colm.  She loved and cared for them as a mother.  It was because of Sara the 4 boys were released to Bernard from the orphanage, and they never forgot her kindness, and always referred to her as "Mother".

Sara Geddis pictures, passport & home
Sara was distressed after the deaths of Brian(4-22-1928) and Maureen(1930), Sara took 1 year old Bernadette and 5 year old Joseph and returned to Ireland from May-9-1931 thru Sep-27-1932, almost a year and 1/2.  Part of the reason for the long visit was because Sara was NOT yet a citizen.  Bernadette gave a long explanation ____recording_____ how Bernard got Sara, Joseph & Bernadette back to the United States.  

Sara Geddis MacMenamin - Application for Citizenship

Sara applied for 4-4-1944 citizenship/naturalization #3440609 when she was 56 approx 1935.  

Bernard was Naturalized on April 25, 1930 in the Bronx, New York City Cert #3261366


The MacMenamin's all but Patty
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