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 2012  Winter

Jaxparks Classic- at Cecil Fields, Jan 13-15.  For everyone who trains regularly over Christmas vacation.
We'll go Friday and Saturday only
I really want my younger swimmers to sign up for the 1000 free on Saturday.  It's an Open age group, btw the older and younger session.  We'll stick to on day for this meet bec the ATAC winter meet is 2 weeks later and we'll go all 3 days to that one.  Meet info below

ATAC Winter Invitational- at Leach Center, FSUPlease plan on all 3 days of competition.  Info posted below
Bolles Winter SC Invite- back at Cecil (it is the closest of any away meet) This is last chance for Flag's (ie- JO's) and Sectionals. Info posted below


Labor Day- parent/child races, picnic following, summer awards

Panama City- late September, date to be announced, great venue, great vacation, tentative event list below (Sept meet events).  Try this link if the attachment below doesn't open for youhttp://www.teamunify.com/EventShow.jsp?returnPage=%2FEventsCurrent.jsp&id=158659&team=sepcst

Dothan Invitationa
  great meet for younger swimmers and less experienced older swimmers; please have entries in by Oct 5 (entries appear below in files at bottom of page-- those who entered after October 8 are not listed, but are listed in the sheets posted at the pool).  Psyche sheet below

BOLLES- fill-in meet btw Dothan and Gator.  Only Saturday afternoon, as Sunday morning will likely be too coldOver and back the same day.  Great for HS swimmers who have just rested for Regionals and not going to States.  Last chance to make Gator Q.T.'sInfo posted below.  Deadline- Monday October 24
SWIM-O-RAMA- November 19 at almost normal practice times;  Info is linked her:  How to Ask for a Pledge or Business Sponsorship  also in Adobe and Word below
general information re: Swim-o-Rama and Info re: Business Sponsorships appears in posting at bottom of page    ALL  PLEDGE/SPONSORSHIP  MONEY  DUE  IN  BY  THE  END  OF  NOVEMBER  FOR   PROPER  CREDITING

2011 Pledge sheet is posted at bottom of page

Gator-  Dec 2-4 2011 info now posted at bottom of page.  Entries due by Veteran's Day.  Deadline- November 15.
    I usually stay at the Comfort Inn in Gainesville, it's not the newest hotel, but it's very close (2 miles) and quiet.  352-373-6500

B Champs, Dec 10-11- for those not qualifying for Gator,  at Cecil Fields, easy access in west Jax.  Those 10 & unders who qualify for Gator but did so with B times can and should also swim in this meet.    8 & unders are eligible as well in events they did not have A times for 10 & under plus all 25's.
    Team hotel is Best Western, close with easy access, special rate of $72/night, 10 rooms under My name (Bob Ruth),
Best Western, 
525 Chaffee Point Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32221-4109 
Phone: 904/265-7759 

2011- spring/summer

July 14-17, LCM Florida Age Group Championships (formerly called Junior Olympics).  Qualifying times only-- see time standard page,  Orlando YMCA

July 30-31, AREA 1-4 Championships (no JO or Senior Champ times allowed),  SCY
everyone not going to FLAG's should be going to this meet.  Even if you go to FLAG's and you have events that didn't qualify, this is a great time to find out where you ar on those "off events."  Entries in file below   LAST  MEET  OF  SUMMER;  EVERYONE  SHOULD  GO

June 24-26, ATAC LCM Invitational- Great meet in town. If you are even moderately serious, plan on attending this meet.  If you are  intending to go to FLAG's (JO's), then this is a must.  info/entries below   Entries must be in early to assure entrance into the meetDEADLINE--> JUNE 6, but to be considerate to your coach making the entries, please have it in by JUNE 4Entries in file below
May 28-29, ATAC, Trousdell, LCM-  2 day LCM developmental.  everyone who has been swimming for the last 6 months should attend.  Info below-- warm-up at 6:45 for all groups

June 3,4-  Bluewater Bay meet in Gulf Breeze, Fridya/Saturday sessions only.  Nice pool, pleasant atmoshpere, good LCM experience. Friday afternoon is 50 free and 200 IM.  Info/entries below

June 11 Gainesville, LCM, we will go for Saturday only, info/entries below


April 2-3 Dothan, April 2-3, great meet for younger swimmers, much improved since they have added warm-up/warm-down space, younger swimmers swim mornings, deadline March 14
 April 15-17 Panama City LCM, the first LCM meet of the season, always a great venue. We'll get inexpensive rooms on the beach at the Palmetto for a great team experience. deadline, March 28

April 23, ATAC, McLean Pool, SCY
- 1 morning developmental. Everyone except older serious LC swimers should attend. INFO AVAILABLE NOW-- see bottom of page

April 29. Friday evening, winter awards picnic after Friday relays.

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