simplified costs

Maclay Northside Dolphins

What you should expect to pay


1. Coaching fees-- pay either quarterly (preferred- $5 break per month to do so) or monthly- range $60-$85/mo

2. USA registration-- you must register for USA swimming. Yearly, it’s $57 for 2011, seasonally, it’s 33.50 for the summer. Fall 2010 is included with a yearly 2011 registration. This fee is included with your team fees into a check to Maclay Northside Dolphins,, not a separate check.

3. Team fees-- quarterly; presently $25/quarter for one; $40/quarter for 2

4. Participation in at least our 2 major fundraisers every year, the Swim-o-Rama and Applebees pancake breakfast.

5. Meet Entry fees-- regular meet goers keep a “meet account” to keep up with this. Meet fees may range from $3/event for a developmental to a facility fee plus up to $5/event in the Southeastern Association. See the financial obligations for more detailed.

6. Equipment purchases-- fins (can get from Coach Bob), goggles, racing style swim suit, etc will be needed.

7. Your time- to read team emails (from BobRuthAquatics or GoDOLF) and/or check the website at least once per week, better twice.


For Chinese translation, please see attachment.  (USA registration has been left out of translation, working on correction).




Bob Ruth,
Jun 13, 2010, 5:57 PM