private lessons


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Private lessons will be offered in the summer of 2008 to all Dolphins who are regulars at practice.  Remember practice comes first. 

Stroke work is done on a regular basis in practice, and it is imperative that a swimmer takes advatage of what is offered in practice before "something extra."  Lessons are appropriate when a swimmer has all s/he can to grasp concepts in practice and it still isn't clicking.  Then it's a good thing and not grasping for a magic bullet.

video taping available


Time Availability:

Coach Bob- Before afternoon practice during the week (3:00 or 3:10), Saturday, Sunday afternoons.  

Coach Freddie- Before pracitce on Monday/Wednesday (3:00/3:10) or after Sturday practice.



Bob: $30/half hour, $40/45 min, $50/hour- special to Dolphin swimmers only, committed swimmers with Bob.

Asssitants: $20/half hour, $35/hour, non-committed plus Beluga