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Click her for info on how to enter a swim meet.

View Parent Tips from the Maclay Northside Dolphins Newsletter, January 2007.  Entry procedure, apporpriate snacks at he appropriate time, etc

see Notes from Bob  for a variety of articles on aspects of swimming from swimmer's ear to plateaus to over-justification.


Team suits are available for individual purchase through Total Team Wares, call 1-800-888-8843.
 Personalized swim caps and team t-shirts will be ordered in quantity throughout the year.  Email Sharon Shields at for more information.


Recent Parent Meeting info

Strategies for supporting your swimmer when you can't be there to watch


Payments are to be deposited in the white wooden lockbox in the pool area. Please be on time if you are paying monthly, bec it takes time to track you down. Discounted payments at the beginning of each session need to be in by whatever date is set to receive the full discount.