meet entry instructions

How to Enter a Swim Meet



We like to know how and what your swimmer is thinking about their events.  What they say they want to swim reflects confidence and tells us information we need to coach them better. 

            For instance, they be confident in an event we aren’t sure about for them or they may not be confident in events we are sure are appropriate for them.   This tells us a lot about how to coach them.

            Still we do edit their choices with our insights—so long as you get the entries into us  before the deadline.

            PLEASE be sure your MEET ACCOUNT is UP-TO-DATE to pay for your entries.



            The preferred method is to print off the event sheet and highlight the events your swimmer thinks are best for him/her.  Turn it in by leaving it in the drawer on the picnic table at he deep end of the pool marked “Entries”

***Be sure to write your name on the entry***


            Our alternative method is to use the index cards if you are getting it in late.  Write your name and the events you want on the card, turn it into the drawer marked “Entries” in the stack on the picnic table.  The events will be posted either in the red stand at the front gate and/or on the bulletin board inside the door leading the cafeteria, gym, and bathrooms. 

The bulletin board is btw the outside door and the door to the boys bathroom—other useful info may be found there.