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Maclay Northside Dolphins is a swim team for school age children that serves swimmers from beginner level to state level.   Presently, our focus is developmental.   Most of our swimmers are 7 to 17 years of age. Practice time can be anywhere from 3.5 hours per week to 14 hours per week, and includes pool work plus weight training. All levels of ability and commitment are welcome, although commitment is encouraged. One of the great things about swimming is that success can come even without great talent; through hard, consistent work, a high level of accomplishment is virtually inevitable so long as you stay with the sport long enough.

At Maclay Northside Dolphins, we emphasize learning the traits that lead to swimming success as being the same ones that lead to success in life. We also pay attention to personal growth issues since we know personal growth and athletic growth are connected. Each swimmer, along with his/her family, chooses a commitment level that is appropriate for him/her.

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