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Eastern Graphic Newspaper from Prince Edward Island.

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                                                                                                 April 4 2012

                                                                                                 Here D.F.O wanted to take away rights to the small fishermen.

April 11 2012

Before we had any roundabouts on the island they where a heated
argument. I drew this up to lighten the mood.

April 18 2012     

For a time in healthcare there was a long waiting time for knee 

 April 25 2012    

This one I just did for fun. I'm real glad the paper used it. Shows off
the bumpy muddy dirt roads  on the island.
May 02 2012

I have to admit this one was born from my frustration which came 
from a visit to the ER. While snowboarding I thought I broke my collar bone. 
So I went to a clinic and waited for 3 hours. Turned out the nurse couldn't 
help me and sent me to the QEH.  Waited 5 hours there,  we decided to try the hospital in
montague. There they finally checked me out and lucky me! No broken bone.

May 09 2012

The HST idea split islands down the middle. People loved it.
People hated it. And we would get these commercials on the
 radio preaching "No HST on kids clothes".

May 16 2012

Until now, Quick marts couldn't sell booz. Now you'll find the 
stuff at gass stations.

May 23 2012

This would be two subjects put together. At the time there was this 
unusually large harvest moon that appeared and shoplifters on the island
were reported to be more active. So there you go.

May 30 2012

This here is depicting the time the government moved the dialysis
machines to the QEH from the rural hospitals, forcing patients to 
suffer a long drive for treatment.

June 6 2012

The PNP issue was an ugly thing from the start. I hated the way
you could buy your way into the country when the people who really 
need to get in must wait months hoping to enter canada.

June 13 2012

The newly issued HST had split opinion across the island. My dad 
gave me the idea for this cartoon after reading a paper article.

June 20 2012

One of my weird ones. 

June 27 2012

Canada day, a chance to do something different.

July 4 2012

Island mosquitoes are murder. Compared to Aldershot mosquitoes,
its like comparing a doberman to a kitten.

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