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Aspects of Divinity (the world is my oyster), by rinsbane (McKay/Sheppard, R) ~13,500 words
This story absolutely ruined me, in all the best possible ways. It's written in such a lyrical, gorgeous way that you don't even notice your heart is in your throat until you hit the end and can't breathe. I could read this over and over and over until I had every word and comma and touch of John's fingers memorized, and it would still be this amazing thing I couldn't get over.

John thinks sometimes that if he didn’t put his hand against the skin of Rodney’s arm to hold him in place, Rodney would trample him down in his eager forward march. He’s going to walk across the continent, swim through the sea, and find land again, all the straight line of the world. John, though, John just wants to make him pause, to nudge his chin up to the sky and make him actually look at the physics he studies, show him that it’s not all a straight line, that the sky circles the world, and that if you walk long enough, you come back to the same point, but new and fresh and not the same person at all.

Someday John’s going to circle the world, high and free and weightless.