Jealous Of Your Cigarette

by unamaga 

Jensen/Jared; NC-17; ~1,000 words 

It doesn’t take more than five minutes of the new kid on set flirting with Jensen before Jared’s stalking up and pulling his co-star away by the wrist. Wisely, Jensen keeps his mouth shut. He’s seen Jared like this before, and trying to delay the inevitable only makes it worse.

The trailer door slams behind them and then Jensen is pressed up hard against it, Jared’s bulk pinning his arms to his sides and barely allowing him to breathe.

“You’re mine,” Jared snarls, biting along the edge of Jensen’s jaw, leaving behind bruises that make-up is going to bitch at him for later. It stings a little, and Jensen gasps, arching his hips up against Jared’s.

“Gonna make you remember it,” Jared says, mumbling now like he’s talking to himself as he yanks open Jensen’s pants. “Gonna fuck it right into you, make a place in your ass only I can fill. Never be able to fuck another guy, baby, without thinking of me and how they can’t give it to you like I can.”

And that’s Jared in a nutshell: sexy as all fuck and a little bit scary to boot. Jensen can’t get enough of him.

Jared bites down hard just behind his ear and sucks the skin between his teeth. Jensen whimpers, letting his head fall back against the trailer wall with a hollow-sounding thud. God, that mouth—

Like he can read Jensen’s mind, Jared slowly drops to his knees, edging his way between Jen’s thighs and hefting him onto those broad, muscled shoulders. Jensen’s feet lock together over Jared’s upper back and he doesn’t even try to hold on to anything or keep his weight off of Jared, just focuses on the feel of that hot breath ghosting over the base of his dick.

Jared bites down on Jensen’s inner thigh—hard, like he means it—and his hands are pushing Jen’s ass cheeks apart so he can lean in and lick a stripe from Jensen’s balls to his hole. He stops there for a long minute, putting just enough pressure on that puckered hole to feel, but not enough to penetrate, slicking it up with saliva.

His fingers come next, two shoved in without warning, and then he’s setting a brutal pace: in and out, in-and-out, inandout, inandout. Jensen trembles, glad his own legs aren’t holding him up.

“Feel this, Jenny?” Jared says, almost cruel. “You know I’m the only one who can get you like this.”

Jensen nods, knowing Jared’s right. Who else but Jared—huge, massive giant that he is—could hold him up like this without even trying? Who else could push him around?

“Yeah, that’s right,” Jared groans, eyes fixed on Jensen’s leaking cock. “Love it, don’t you, love me fucking you like this.”

He adds a third finger and it’s not wet enough, it burns going in, but Jensen just moans, arching his hips ‘cause he needs that sharp pleasure-pain. And, fuck, Jared must be picking up some of Sam’s powers because he knows; he just smacks his palm hard right against Jensen’s belly, and Jensen’s coming like he’s dying and his body’s being turned inside out.

“Not done with you yet,” Jensen hears, and then he’s being flipped in place, hands out against the trailer wall, legs dropped down so his own feet have to hold him up again. He wobbles a little.

“Shit, Jen, lookit you,” Jared murmurs.

Jensen knows he must be quite the sight. His hair is probably out of control, gel messed up by Jared’s rough, demanding fingers and his shirt is rucked up, stained with his own come and sweat. His pants are hanging loosely around his knees, and he’s standing with his bare ass pushed out, waiting for Jared’s cock.

Jared moans, letting his hands fall on Jensen’s hips and his nails dig in—painful half-crescents on tender skin.

“So pretty…and you’re mine,” he says, and then he pushes in, one long thrust that hurts like a motherfucker because there’s no lube. Jensen cries out, spreading his legs wider and leaning more heavily against the wall in front of him. “Say it, Jensen.”

“No,” Jen whimpers. It’s not that he doesn’t believe it—he knows that he belongs to Jared—but he loves pushing Jared, loves the punishment that comes with it.

Jared grinds forward and clenches his fingers like a vice around the base of Jensen’s already hardening cock. He’s panting in Jensen’s ear, moist breath making Jensen shiver and buck. “You’re not gonna come until you say it,” Jared threatens, and it is a threat, Jensen knows.

He starts up the same rhythm he’d had with his fingers, hard and brutal and just this side of too fast, and before too long Jensen’s moaning and writhing and rolling his hips into thin air, trying to come.

“Please,” he finally says, breaking when Jared’s other hand comes around to tease at the engorged head of his dick. “Please, let me come.”

Jared laughs, smoky-low against his ear. “You wanna come?” he asks, and waits until Jen nods frantically. “Then say it.”

Jensen keens, letting his head fall back onto Jared’s shoulder. “Yours, you know I am, please, Jared, please, I’m yours.”

Jared’s hand loosens around the base of his cock and then strokes up-down, once, twice—Jensen’s second orgasm rips through him, just as intense as the last one. His body can’t take it all anymore, just gives up on him, and he collapses back against Jared’s smooth, strong chest, letting those huge arms hold him up as Jared pounds into him and finishes off with a rough growl.

They’re both sweaty and sticky, but they stay cuddled up close to each other as long as they can manage before they slide down the wall into a heap.

“Fuck, Jared,” Jensen manages, still kind of breathless. “I didn’t even know that kid’s name.”

Jared sighs, obviously ignoring him, and nuzzles his way into the crook of Jensen’s neck. “Gotta make sure you know who’s boss,” he slurs, and then he’s asleep, curled up around Jensen on the hard tile floor.