Once in a While (NC-17, McKay/Sheppard) ~750 words
“Come on, Rodney,” John murmurs, “you can take it,” and he’s sliding the second toy deeper until the flared base is snug against Rodney’s ass and Rodney feels so full he can’t breathe. He tries to shift, ease the pressure, but John’s leaning on Rodney’s legs with all his weight, free hand spread flat over Rodney’s belly to keep him still, and there’s nowhere for Rodney to go.

Wet-Nosed Kisses (G, McKay/Sheppard AU) ~560 words
The humans were being noisy again. Rodney did not approve. Here he was, curled up in the best puddle of sunlight he'd seen for weeks, and he couldn't even fall asleep. It was monumentally unfair; if he were a vindictive sort of cat, he'd be shredding their slippers right now.

Mathematics of Love and Loss (R, McKay/Sheppard) ~650 words
What happens when an irresistible force meets an impenetrable barrier? By definition, the force and barrier cannot coexist in the same universe, so the question cannot be answered.


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