With an e-bike round Cap Corse

Cap Corse by e-bike

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 September 20 2016 

Heide, gardener
Iris, age 71
E-bike adventure round Cap Corse (France)
Review of the bike tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

Our sail boat

We (Ralph,Heide and me - Iris) have been on a sail trip.

Our sail trip started at San Vincente (Italy) and we headed to Elba.

A run into thunderstorm on the way to Bastia (Corse) and, believe it or not, we have been facing winds with 8 Beaufort.

Complete wet and out of any power, we reached the Island.

The weather forecast for the Island has been absolutely a disaster, what makes us change our tour.

We decided to sail North the next days in order to reach the Italian coast - Cinque Terre and Bocca di Magra.

On the way North, the next city has been Macenaggio.

To our surprise right at the harbor, there was a tourist information with charged e-bikes, waiting for us.

Heide and me, we have taken the chance to ride Cap Corse. The rent was only EURO 10,- per 4 hours.

Easy to ride over the mountain and look down to Cap Corse, whilst Ralph took care on our boat.

The distance one-way is round 15 kilometers...

Enjoy the report and pictures

Good luck to our followers.

Here is my picture report:

 e-bikes waiting for us
 Heide enjoying the way up

 still climbing - still in a good mood
 little tiny villages, hidden in the mountains
 view down to Macenaggio
 look back with joy
 body fueling
 still miles to go...
 Centuri - the harbor city on the West side of Corse
 close to the start point

The Island Corse is known for wild boars - here are the footprints... 
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