International Airlines Serving New Zealand

The following international airlines currently serve New Zealand (IATA two-letter code)(period of service):

New Zealand International Airlines

  Air New Zealand (NZ)(1940-) - name changed from Tasman Empire Airways (TEAL) in 1965 (TE) - includes Zeal 320

Foreign Airlines Operating Aircraft to New Zealand 

AirCalin.gif (1668 bytes)  Air Caledonie International (SB)(1987-)

AirTahitiNui.gif (992 bytes)  Air Tahiti Nui (TN)(2000-)

AirVanuatu.gif (690 bytes)  Air Vanuatu (NF)(1989-)

Cathay.gif (841 bytes)  Cathay Pacific (CX)(1983-84, 1984-)

ChinaAirlines.gif (897 bytes)  China Airlines (CI)(2000-2001, 2011-)

  China Southern Airlines NEW (CZ)(2011-)

  Emirates Airline (EK)(2003-)

airFedex.gif (691 bytes)  Federal Express (FM)(1989-19??, 2012-) - took over from Flying Tiger Line

  Fiji Airways UPDATED (FJ)(1974-) - Air Pacific was renamed in 2013

airHawaiian.gif (1617 bytes)  Hawaiian Airlines (HA)(1987-1990, 2013-)

  Jetstar Airways (JQ)(2005-) - a subsidiary of Qantas

  Korean Air (KE)(1993-)

  LAN Airlines (LA)(Code-share 1996-2000, 2002-) - name changed from LanChile

Malaysia.gif (2418 bytes)  Malaysia Airlines (MH)(1989-)

  Virgin Australia Airlines (SE Asia) NEW (DJ)(2005-) - formerly Pacific Blue Airlines (Aust), a subsidiary of Virgin Australia Holdings

  Virgin Samoa NEW (2005-) - formerly Polynesian Blue

Qantas.gif (432 bytes)  Qantas Airways (QF)(1961-)

Singapore.gif (927 bytes)  Singapore Airlines (SQ)(1976-)

  Singapore Airlines Cargo (SQ)(2001-)

  Tasman Cargo Airlines NEW (HJ)(1997-) - (formerly Asian Express) an Australian cargo airline working for DHL

  Thai Airways International (TG)(1987-)

International Airlines Serving New Zealand on a Code-Share Only Basis 

airAirCanada.gif (434 bytes)  Air Canada (AC)(1998-) - on UA and NZ aircraft

AirChina.gif (1374 bytes)  Air China (CA)(Own aircraft 2000-2001, Code share 2007-) - on NZ aircraft

  All Nippon Airways NEW (NH)(2012-) - on NZ aircraft

American.gif (816 bytes)  American Airlines (AA)(1970-1974, 1990-92, 1995-) - on QF aircraft and mail on NZ aircraft

  Asiana Airlines (OZ)(Own aircraft 2003-2005, Code share 2005-)

  Austrian (OS)(2003-) - on NZ aircraft

airBritishAirways.gif (2141 bytes)  British Airways (BA)(1963-) - on QF and CX aircraft

  China Eastern (MU)(2008) - on QF aircraft

airContinental.gif (1933 bytes)  Continental Airlines (CO)(Own aircraft 1979-1993, Code share 2010-) - on NZ aircraft

  Etihad Airways NEW (EY)(2009-) - on DJ aircraft

  Japan Airlines (JL)(1980-) - on NZ aircraft until 2012 then QF aircraft

  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)(2000-) - on MH aircraft

Lufthansa.gif (966 bytes)  Lufthansa German Airlines (LH)(Cargo own-aircraft 2001-2003, Cargo code-share 1991-2005, Pax. codeshare 1995-)        - on NZ, SQ and TG aircraft

  Scandinavian Airlines System (SK)(2007-) - on TG aircraft

 South African Airways NEW (SA)(2009-) - on NZ aircraft 

  United Airlines (UA)(Own-aircraft 1986-2003, Code-share 2003-) - on NZ aircraft - took over from Pan American

  US Airways (US)(2007-) - on NZ aircraft

  Virgin Australia International Airlines NEW (VA)(2009-) - on DJ aircraft - formerly V Australia, a subsidiary of Virgin Australia Holdings

                          Virgin Atlantic Airways NEW (VS)(2011-) - on NZ aircraft

The following airline has New Zealand Government approvals to operate air services from New Zealand to Fiji and Australia (IATA two-letter code):

                          Airwork UPDATED (??) 

The following international airlines served New Zealand in the past (IATA two-letter code)(period of scheduled service):

Past New Zealand International Airlines (Draft)

FreedomAir.gif (776 bytes)  Freedom Air International WBM (SJ)(1996-2008) - an Air New Zealand subsidiary

                          Kiwi Travel International Airlines (KC)(1995-1996) - based in Hamilton

                          National Airways Corporation (NZ)(1947-1955)

                          Southern World Airlines (5L)(1991-1991) - a cargo airline based in Auckland

  Virgin Australia Airlines (NZ) NEW (DJ)(2004-2015) - formerly Pacific Blue Airlines, a Single Aviation Market (SAM) airline and subsidiary of Virgin Australia Holdings

Foreign Airlines that Once Operated Aircraft to New Zealand (Draft)

  Aerolineas Argentinas (AR)(1985-2012) - the airline also has a New Zealand site

 AirAsia X NEW (D7)(2011-2012)

airAirFrance.gif (1121 bytes)  Air France (AF)(1993-1994)

AirNauru.gif (503 bytes)  Air Nauru (ON)(1979-1995) - now trading as Our Airline

AirRarotonga.gif (1614 bytes)  Air Rarotonga (GZ)(1988-1990) - used a Hawaiian Airlines aircraft

airKittyHawk.jpg (5386 bytes)  Ansett Australia (AN)(1998-2000) - cargo operation wet-leasing an aircraft from Kitty Hawk

                          British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines (BP)(1947-1953)

Canadian.gif (1708 bytes)  Canadian Airlines International WBM (CP)(1949-1969, 1985-1999)

  Cargolux Airlines International (CV)(1999-2010)

airEvaAir.gif (370 bytes)  EVA Air (BR)(1993-2008)

Evergreen.jpg (4642 bytes)  Evergreen International Airlines (EZ)(1995-2001)

                          Flying Tiger Line (FT)(1988-1989)

Garuda.gif (828 bytes)  Garuda Indonesia (GA)(1988-2006)

 Jetstar Asia Airways NEW (3K)(2011-12) - used aircraft wet-leased from Jetstar Airways

Lufthansa.gif (966 bytes)  Lufthansa Cargo (LH)(2003-2005)

                          Niue Airlines (FN)(1990-1991) - used a wet-leased Solomon Islands aircraft

  Norfolk Jet Express WBM (YE)(2004-2004)

airPanam_new.gif (493 bytes)  Pan American (PA)(1940-1941, 1946-1986)

Polar.jpg (2518 bytes)  Polar Air Cargo (PO)(1995-1998, 1999-2001, 2002-2003)

Polynesian.gif (1358 bytes)  Polynesian Airlines WBM (PH)(1978-2005)

  Royal Brunei Airlines (BI)(2003-2011)

  Royal Tongan Airlines WBM (WR)(1991-2004)

Solomon.jpg (4665 bytes)  Solomon Airlines (IE)(1990-1998, Code-share 2004-2005) - on NF aircraft

                          Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux (TI)(1957?-1965?) - taken over by UTA

                          UTA (UT)(1965?-1993) - taken over by Air France

International Airlines that Once Operated on a Code-Share Only Basis to New Zealand (Draft)

AnsettAustralia.gif (481 bytes)  Ansett Australia (AN)(1995-2001) - Ansett International on NZ aircraft

  Delta Air Lines (DL)(2003-2011) - on KE aircraft

airMandarin.gif (1521 bytes)  Mandarin Airlines (AE)(1992-2000) - on NZ aircraft

Mexicana.jpg (4880 bytes)  Mexicana (MX)(1999-2010) - on NZ aircraft

  Shanghai Airlines (FM)(2007-2010) - on NZ aircraft

airTWA.gif (1879 bytes)  Trans World Airlines (TW)(1998-2001) - mail on NZ aircraft

International Airlines that Once Operated on a Non-Scheduled Only Basis to New Zealand (Draft)

                          All Nippon Airways (NH)(February 2004) 

Britannia.gif (2049 bytes)  Britannia Airways (BY)(1990-2000) - summer only - now renamed ThomsonFly

  China Eastern (MU)(2 December 2003 - 31 January 2004)

ChinaSouthwest.jpg (5371 bytes)  China Southwest Airlines (SZ)(1999) - operated three non-scheduled flights

  Pegasus Airlines (PG)(1999-2000) - services marketed by K2000

airCanada3000.gif (781 bytes)  Canada 3000 (2T)(1998-2001) - summers only - was approved for 4 November 2001 - 30 April 2002

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