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the screw is one of the simple machines. screw is a simple machine because it can make things to stick together.





                                       the pulley is a simple machine. the pulley can pull something up to go up. like what the picture is doing. like the picture, the stick man pulls the rope and lift the square in the air.


Wheels and axle



                                         the wheel and axle is a simple machine.the wheel is a simple machine because it makes the vehicle move and it makes the transportation more better



THe WedGe



The wedge is a simple machine because it can make a door stay still not open close open close. and it can make a Car help it to go up.


 The Lever                                        



                                   the lever is a machine because it can show like who is the heviest thing. like the picture told us that the old man is raising the lever.




Inclined plane


The inclined plane is a slope that like a go kart going down the slope without an engine. its a simple machine because it can make something move.