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Billy Cart Report 

My Billy Cart blueprint

Perjalanan ke tempat pak.Tukang Kayu

Several months ago in UOI project we are going to make a billy cart for racing. A billy cart is a go-kart but with no machines & it's made out of wood. Before we make our billy cart we make a blueprint of our billy cart.

After making our blueprint we show it to the carpenters. Then we went to the hill to ride the first billy cart. But our billy cart was not quite done yet so were having a field trip to the carpenters workshop.

On Friday our field trip began. When we arrived we looked the tools of how to make a billy cart. My billy cart is already fixed.

When all of our billy cart is done we paint it. After waiting for one hour all of our billy cart is dry. After the lesson ends we took our billy cart home to practice for the big race.