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Billy Cart day

Today on 17/1/08 I learned how to ride a billy cart & how to do a powerslide in a sharp turn. I'm embarresed because I failed to do a powertslide on the turn. I also learned how to fix a billy cart. The carpenter showed me how to ride a billy cart. Marchell photograph Kevin when he was racing. My billy cart seat can turn around like a BMX bike.

 Next is Marchell v.s Kevin! They are the next people to race! Suah is the refree. When the race has started my teacher mrs. Jane was talking to our parents. After the race ends Marchell was the winner! Marchell was really happy with his victory!

After the race ends Mrs. Jane says that it is time for lunch & celebrate Jinju's birthday. But that's not all. I also helped the carpenters to tighten the wheels. My group only helped me alittle bit only. There is a problem with my billy cart.

It's backwheel was switched with mu front wheels. In that problem I was thinking how to fix it. Then the carpenter says he will make a bigger hole to tighten it. And I just say ok. But I still had fun with my friends.