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The beginning...     

well, I'm not sure if this is to be like a proper website or more of a blog thing...but lets say its the former, in that case welcome to the first page of what is going to become my spot to the world of all things Machinesmith-likey (for now ranging from my thoughts to my music)

Man, I have to say, Google rocks for giving this to me for free! 100 mb too , woohoo! 



mjsonic3.mp3 : (04/01/06) Michael Jackson (smooth criminal/Who is it) & Sonic 3 (Scandal Mix)
                          Crappy mix of what may be a first in Video Game cover-ups!

son1ses.mp3  : (04/15/06) Mix `n' Match 1 - Sonic 1 (title) + Sesame street (title)

sorbb.mp3      : (04/15/06) Mix `n' match 2 - Blackbox (Ride on time) + Streets of Rage 1 (title)