Compound Machines









A compound machine is a machine that is build up of more than one simple machine. For example: a scicor is a compound machine because it is build up of a wedge and lever.

Here is a report I did on a compound machine called a lighter.



A lighter is a compound machine. A compound machine is built out of more that one simple machine. In this case, a lighter is made up of a wheel and lever. The wheel of a lighter is what scratches a special stone to build up heat. It is in the group of a simple machines called a wheel or wheel and axle, because what it looks like and can do is considered what a wheel looks like and does. The lever is what releases the gas. It is placed lower and more to the edge that the wheel. It is considered a lever because the movement that it does is up and down, and that is what a lever does.

Have you seen a lighter? Maybe yes maybe no. Well, here is picture of a common lighter. This is the wheel I told you about. This is the
lever. This is a straw that the gas comes out of. Now adays there are many types of lighters, here are some pictures. The first lighter was made in Germany, in the year 1823 by Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner.

Lighters are used for lighting things such as candles. They are grip-size so that they are easy to use.

To use a lighter you have to grip it. Grip it so that your thumb can be placed on the wheel without having to pass the hole that the tiny fire will come our or. Then role the wheel into the direction that faces you. When you role it you should press the lever under neat also. Do not let go your hand for as long as you want the fire to go on burning, let go when you want to stop the fire burning.

By knowing how it works, you should get a picture of why it is made like so. First of all, it is grip-size so that it is easy to use. The wheel and lever is close to each other so that when you role the wheel, you will automatically press the lever to release the gas. This is so the gas will fill the heat of the rock and wheel scratching against each other and make a fire. The straw is also important, because other wise the amount of gas released will be too much and make a bigger fire than necessary.

So I think, that you might think a lighter is a complicated machine, but after reading this you will find out that it is actually quite simple, and interesting to learn about.

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