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What is a speaker used for?

The speaker is used for hearing sounds bigger and louder.

Who invented the speaker?

Alexandar Graham Bell invented it in 1876.

How does a speaker work?

First, when you get a signal the sound will travel through the wires and release a bigger sound at it's destination. The sound is bigger because normally a speaker is shaped like a cone which makes the sound bigger.

 Interesting Facts:

  • Ernst Siemens invented a better speaker in 1878.
  • Amplifiers are in speakers.
  • Loud speakers are also called "tweeters".


  • Accuton
  • Alpha-Core
  • Audax
  • Aura Sound
  • Bennic
  • Descant
  • Dynaudio
  • Eclipse
  • Eminence
  •  Eton
  • Fostex 
  • Fountek
  • Geortz
  • Keiga
  • LPG
  • Madisound
  • Sanus Systems
  • Scan Speak
  • Precision Soud Products


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