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Report on Scissors

Scissors are one of the compound machines. Even though the scissors doesn't even look like a machine, but it is. It is actually made out of 2 knives or blades combined into one to form a double. It has a lever and a wedge. A lever is an equipment that is used to loosen things up or to pick heavy things up. A wedge is a tool that can separate one thing into two.

Who invented the scissors? This may be a big surprise, but Leonardo Da Vinci was the one who invented the scissors. Everyone knew that he was a very famous artist, but believe it or not he also sketched the airplane. Leonardo Da Vinci was a very smart man. It even took him ten years just to paint Mona Lisa's lips!

Scissors are used to cut a certain material. It is very helpful in different ways. It can make paper curly and make things smaller. In my opinion, scissors are a great invention.

So, next time you use scissors, think of how creative Leonardo Da Vinci was.


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Report on Piano

A piano is a simple machine. It is a lever. Everytime you push a key of a piano, the lever will push that key down. Pianos are one of the musical instumants.

This is how the piano works. When a piano key is pressed, the back part of the key raised up and pushed the hammer attached to it. The hammer then strikes the strings and produces the sound of a note, and then quickly falls away from the strings so that it won’t stop the vibration of the strings. If the hammer doesn’t fall away, we would only hear a “clunk” sound, not a nice note.

Did you know that the piano has about 80 keys? Try it, I counted it myself. To me, making a piano is very, very hard. Back then girls were attracted to play the piano. They thought that it was proper. Nowadays, there are many brands of pianos.
Who invented the piano? Bartolomeo Cristofori was the one! He made it for Ferdinando di Medici, who was the Prince of Florence.
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