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There are seven simple machines. Normally people think that there are six simple machines, but there are seven. Here are the seven basic simple machines:

1. Wedge:

A wedge is used to split an object into two. It is like putting a nail into a wall.

Examples: Knife, axe or a zipper


 2. Pulley:

A pulley has both wheels and a rope. The wheel is attached to the rope. The pulley makes life easier because now, we can lift anything that we want faster when it heavy or light.

Example: A simple well

3. Screw

A screw is an inclined plane and a wedge. This screw is very confusing. It is still an simple machine, but it can also be a compound machine.

 Also, a screw has a metal pin with a spiral that goes around it used for fastening or holding something together. It has a turning movement or something that will twist.

Examples: The end of a light bulb

4. Inclined Plane

An inclined plane is like a hill. It can make life easier by carry something up or down.

 Example: Skating Ramp

5. Gears

A gear is a wheel that has teeth. It can mesh together with another gear. 

 Examples: Clock, Bike gears

6. Lever

A lever is a strong bar that you use to lift something heavy by placing one end under the object and pushing down on teh other end. A lever is also a long handle that you use to work a machine.

 Examples: Bottle opener, seesaw, and hammer

7. Wheel and axle

A wheel and axle has a wheel and an axle. The axle part is that is between of the two wheels.

 Examples: car, skateboard, and go kart/billy kart