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My Reflection

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Like-Machine UOI:

  • Making  Billy Kart
  • Making website
  • Opening the Digital Clock and Normal Clock

Dislikes-Machine UOI:

  • Opening up the CPU
  • Making the blueprint of Billy Kart

Like-Google Pages:

  • Something new. It's fun!
  • It allows me to share my knowledge with people around the world.

Dislikes-Google Pages

  • There is no spell checker
  • Navigator is not automatic
  • Hard to think of things to write


Now that you know all about machines, you can try to find those machines in your daily life. Think about your favorite machines and try to guess what simple machines that are in them. All machines can be big or small, but all of them can make our work easier. Imagine what would happen if we didn't have any machines! That would be horrible, thanks for visiting!