My Final Report

This is my final report

My Final Report: 

In this quarter, we learned about machines for our UOI. As part of our lesson, we learned to make Billy Cart. We started this by making the blue print in math lesson, by using a scale for our measurements. The unit we used was Metric System, and thus we were using centimeters. From this activity, I learned how to make a proper blue print in the right steps. I also learned that if you make one tiny mistake in the drawing, then that mistake will be carried into the real product that you designed – you would get a funny looking or crooked Billy Cart!


My Billy Cart Group is called 1:9 Cart. We got the name 1:9 because 1:9 was the scale for our blue prints. My teammates were Andrew, Brodie, and Jennifer. In our group, we decided to make Andrew’s Billy Cart first, Brodie’s second, then Jennifer’s, and lastly mine. We started making the first Billy Cart (Andrew’s Billy Cart) on Thursday, the 17th of January 2008. We started from 10:00 am until 3:15 pm at school.


What surprised me was that when we started, the Billy Cart shape was already made, but what were missing were the wheels which were not put on yet. I thought that we would be able to saw the wood or at least see it being sawed. So, Brodie and Andrew did a pair of wheels, while Jennifer and I did the other pair. Our job was to put them on and tighten them up.


The wheels we used were like the ones used on the grocery carts. Two wheels can move forward and backward, and the other two wheels could move freely. We didn’t have much thing to do so we finished in a short amount of time. Even though we still had a lot of time left, the carpenters only prepared two Billy Carts. One for Andrew and one for Ristia, one of my class mates. Once they were both done, we all started to play with them.  When we played with the Billy Carts, the two back wheels which moved freely acted like a fish tail, but we still had to try to fix it outside and test it.


When we got outside, the carpenters tried them first to test if they were safe. They said that the back wheels were not really safe. So they tried to switch them around, but that did not help. They tried making them all straight, and finally it worked well.


The Day I was sick

The next day, the day I was sick, everyone in my class went to the carpenter’s workshop to see what kinds of equipments they used to cut the woods and to make the parts of Billy Carts. I wish I could see the process and the equipments, because it would be a lot of fun. Instead, I had to be content with just learning about this from my friends’ reports. The carpenters cut the body and other parts based on our designs.


The Day of making all of the Billy Carts

On Thursday, 24th of January, 2008, we finished making all twenty Billy Carts. It was really tiring! We all got to see what our designs looked like on the actual product. We had to search for our design on the floor to match it them with the actual Billy Cart. There were so many designs. It was so exciting when we found our Billy Cart and that it looked exactly like our design!


On Friday, 25th of January, 2008, we painted our Billy Carts. It was so much fun! We used up all the lessons time except for Chapel, Mandarin, and Music just to finish painting our Billy Carts. First we painted the back, then the sides, next the top. When the top was dry, we started to paint the design. It was a fun but quite tiring!


When the paint was completely dry, I was very happy to see the final product we designed and made. The best part of this lesson was that not only I learned so much about machine, but also at the end we all got to bring home our own Billy Cart. My sister and my Dad were very happy too, because they got to ride on it!


Now our class plans to have a race about the best design and who can go down the hill the fastest. Our parents will be invited to have a meeting with our teachers to discuss more details about the race. I can’t wait to do the race!