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Our computer class divided into 5 groups. There were four pupils in each group. We learned that "CPU" stands for Central Processing Unit. In our groups, we opened up a CPU to learn about all its parts . The computer class helped us with our UOI topic about machines. My group members were Brodie, Ristia, Kevin, and me(Amanda).

We were group number three. Our teacher, Ibu Marsella chose Brodie as the leader. Our CPU had a tag with the word " Group 3" on it. First we looked up the parts of a CPU on the internet. This was very hard because most of the information was about buying the CPU parts. The next week, we used a screwdriver to oepn the CPU. There was one screwdriver for one group.

For the next few weeks, we seperated cable and parts. Ibu Marsella told us the names of each part and what is so special on it that makes it easier to find. That helped us a lot! After that we continued searching for the parts for another few weeks. Then we had to enable the CPU. Soon enough we made a presentation of our CPU in class. In the presentation, we shared what we had learned to the class.

The main parts of the CPU are the motherboard, power supply, processor, data cabel, USB slot, RAM, Diskette Drive, hard drive, CD drive, and fan.