My Billy Cart Reflection!

Sph sentul in Indonesia presents Machines in grade five!



simple machines





My billy cart




Hi I am Suah from grade 5 .We are making our billy cart this Thursday.My billy cart looks like an elephant i think it will be hard but interesting and fun.

After we build it!

It was very fun! My billy cart was built the third.We also painted it First after we screw them up then we  went out to the hill and we played with our billycart and we sanded it.I painted my billy cart red,white,blue,green and many other colours.I had spots and stripes.We will going to have a competition but we still don't know the real date. 



We decided to have  the competition  on March 6 at Hansen's house who is in our class.I will join one of the competition.I think It will be fun.