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Meeting The Carpenters (English)

Billy Cart Report

On Friday, 18th January, 2008 me and my classmate had a field trip to the carpenters workshop. They really told us how to make the billy cart. They showed us the easiest one. Not only how to make it, but also the material they use. 

First of all, they have to smooth the board that's going to be used. It's called "serut" and can be used with electricity, though there will be dust coming out from the wood. So I like the traditional one instead, but the wood is not really smooth yet. We have to use sandpaper to make it even smoother . There's also the one that use electricity. Me and all my classmate tried it. 

As we go on, they showed us this tool called "kulusud". It's a tool to make the same thickness as the others so it won't be complicated. How? On its tool, they are nails that could put marks. After they're all ready, the carpenters make the shape using saw and "sekon siku". It is sort of a ruler and it's to make the same size of the model as our blueprint.