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 Billy Cart Report

Do you know what is a simple machine? Can you describe them? Do you know one of them? Now I'm going to tell you some informations. 

One of the simple machines is roller skate. It's a simple machine because there are wheels and axle. Did you know, roller skate and roller blade are quite different. Roller skate is with wheels and only work on the ground but roller blade will only work in the frozen ice. 

As I've told you, wheels make it move. Without it, roller skate won't work. There's two types of roller skate. The one that I like is the one that the wheels are in one row and it is called 'inline skate'. The other one has two wheels in each side but there are still 4 wheels in total and it is called 'quad skate'. This was first designed in 1863 in New York City by James Leonard Plimpton. 

In this quad skate, there's a thing that can help you to stop. It's placed in the very front and usually were called the 'toe stop'. This thing also appeared in some of inline skate. 

It is good to play with roller skate or even roller blade, because it's a sport, too. I play with inline skate sometimes. It's very, very fun!