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Billy Cart Report

Hey, do you know something really cool going on from SPH? I think this report will interest you. First of all, I'm from grade 5 and me and my classmates were dong this really cool project. We were building a billy cart. Do you know what a billy cart is? It is something like a go cart but it is not so complicated. Isn't that awesome?! Well, let's go on now. 

Our teacher, Mrs. Jane, had prepared this several months before we started. She's a really cool teacher. She let us try her billy cart and it was awesome. So Mrs. Jane invited parents to come to a meeting to know how these things worked. The parents agreed to the project so we all got more and more excited. Before making the billy cart., we were told to make a report about billy carts. All of us got really cool ideas from the internet and books. We even learned about billy cart safety. 

So first we had to make a blueprint. Do you know what that is? It is a plan for our billy cart and no, we didn't make that name up. We learnt this in Math time with Ibu Hana. We estimated first about how big our billy will be. After that we drew on the paper using scale. I'm sure most of you know how to do it right? So you decide on what your scale will be. For example, the length of your billy cart is 30 cm and you think if 1 cm is on your paper, how many cm in real? If I were you, I would make that 3 so it will only use 10 cm on the paper. Now let's move on. 

As we finished the blueprint, we had this field trip to go to the carpenters workshop. They showed us the things will be needed and how to use them. The place wasn't that far from school. We waited for about a week until everything's done. That was one of the things that made me a bit stress. 

So when everybody's was done, we went on with putting the steering to the billy cart and afterwards we got to test it. Then we made it smooth using sandpaper. After they're all smooth we painted our billy cart. Most of us used black or red. After we're all done, one of the workers helped us to varnish it to make it all shiny. For now, we just can't wait until the racing begins!