My Billy Cart Blue Print

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My Billy Cart Blue Print


First, we learned about scale in math. We measure the billy cart on the floor, I used my imagination. The length is 90 cm and the width is 66 cm. The scale is 6 so, it’s not too big or too small. About the wheel, I don’t really know how big is it, if it is too big it will be tall, if it is too small it will be so short. I measure it with a measure tape. I draw my plane in a piece of paper and it called “Blue Print”

Second, when I want to measure it, I tick it and then I write it in my book so, I’m not forgot it. And we make five groups. And I think the length is too long and the width is too long too. I used centimeter because if I use meter it will be so long and if I use centimeter it will be easier.

Third, in my blue print, I drew the wheels, steering wheels and of course the body, if billy carts don’t have a body, you can’t sit on it and you can’t put a steering wheel or a wheel. I make a hole on it so, I can put a rope on it.

Fourth, I imagine, if I look my billy cart from the front, side and back, so I can draw it.