Machines for Everybody!!! 

                           Machines, machines, machines!!!

Simple Machines
Compound Machines
My Project
Billy Cart


Theme: How the world works

 Title: Making work easy

 Central Idea: The purpose of machines is to help get task done more efficiently and effectively. 

In grade 5, our topik is I BELIEVE, YOU BELIEVE. Now we learn about machine. There are two types of machines, it's simple machine and compound machines.

 I made a simple machine and compound machine, My partner is Shila. We make a pulley and roller coaster, the roller coaster it's just only the wheel and axle, because the rail it's so hard, the wheel we used the cupboard, and the axle we used pencil because we don't have an axle.

I make a radio too, my partner it's Shila again. We finished the first. We try too find the varco (AM), and we find it. We find news and somebody talk, but it's in indonesia language.

When it was computer time, ibu Marshella told us to open the CPU. We devide into five groups. My group member are me, Marchell, Michelle T and Jinju. I be the leader and Marchell want to be the leader. Marchell and Jinju was fighting because they want to be the first. We open the wrong screw and we open the wrong casing. Were so mad. We found the motherboard, memory card, wire, cooler and more.

Now, we will make a billoy cart. we need woods, wheel and axle and more. I thing it will be so hard and it will be so fun when it's done.