Machine Runner is a  2D, continuous-runner, platform game for the PC.
You control R.0.B, a disgruntled Runner-Bot,  tired of the daily drudgery.
This is a fast-paced arcade game, where you will die quickly and often.
    One day R.0.B began to run... R.0.B ran fast... R.0.B ran and ran...  Help R.0.B run...

The aim  of the game is simply to survive for as long as possible,..
You must run, jump, and roll R.0.B the Runner-Bot across a randomly generated city-scape; whilst avoiding or using electro-magnets, fans, and time-machines; as a continuous stream of buildings rush past.
But remember, R.0.B wants to run fast, so run too slow for too long and R.0.B may decide to go faster by itself.
    Running over a 'time machine' allows R.0.B to
    ether speed up or slow  down the games
    velocity, and some jumps and falls can only be
    made at certain speeds, so use these wisely...

        Full game features:

        • LEVELS             The full game has 16 distinct level parts. (the demo has 10)

        • MACHINES       Slow down or speed up the scroll rate. (also in the demo)
        • FANS                Blow R.0.B into the air when run over.
        • MAGNETS        Stick our metal hero firmly to the ground.
                                   Also re-set R.0.B's speed to the default. 

        • HI-SCORE        A global Hi-Score  is stored on-line, and updated                                                      whenever a new top score is reached.
                                  This is continually displayed on the  game's main screen.