How Is Machine Learning Used in Cyber-Security?

With the increase in the level of advancement in the subjects of science and technology, there has been a greater rise in the different type of crimes as well. It is due to the fact that human brain always looks for a solution for any sort of problem that it is unable to solve. Therefore, the criminals always look for new ways to break the security measures that are developed by the scientific community and the highly trained professionals.

Concept of Machine Learning:

The Machine Learning is a completely new concept and it has a much better security system than the previous methods. The issue with the previous technologies was that they always needed to be channelized according to one’s own will and never kept a previous record at all. With the machine learning, the vehicles now remember the previous locations and always guide you there and in the like manner, your browsers exactly remember the pop-ups you always access and the online marketing companies now show you the ads in which they feel that you seem to be interested and present you with the accurate information without any inconvenience.


Application of Machine Learning in The Cyber Security:

Following are some of the major applications of Machine Learning in the Cyber Security:

Spam Detection of the Email:

By the introduction of Machine Learning, the emails that contain a linkage to the malicious websites and those texts that contain wrongly slept words or specific taboo words can be put under spam by the social websites and the emails facilitating forums themselves. Therefore, they are channelized in an inbuilt manner and therefore efficiently block the malicious emails etc.

Detection of Phishing:

It is a malicious act in which some undercover people imitate some reputable websites and send emails to the people in order to obtain their personal information such as usernames, passwords, the numbers of ATM and credit cards etc. for causing any kind of harm to them. By the introduction of machine learning, the soft wares now easily detect such type of acts, classify such emails as spams, and remove them without even allowing them in the inbox.

Detection of Intrusion Within a Network:

The network intrusion detection systems are those, which facilitate knowing that what type of activity is malicious in nature and is harming and stealing the confidential data, the business information and the availability of the important documents online. As the machine, learning is greatly adaptive nowadays so, it is used to conquer the attacks from some unknown sources and focus on the strategies to stop them in a very effective manner.

Use of Special Passwords in Social Accounts:

It is our common observation that when we try to create a new account on any social website or even perform any kind of important activity on the internet, we have to rewrite special passwords and words in order to prove that we are humans. Therefore, it is another way to implement the machine learning in the daily life.


Machine Learning is a 3g industrial USB modem, which is very useful to provide safety from the malicious content on the internet and to get access to the data that you want to obtain in an efficient manner. It has advanced to such an extent that now you do not need to worry about any form of spam emails or the viruses that previously gained access to your devices, and manipulated your important documents. Therefore, it is a very great opportunity for the internet users.