Diablo II MPQ Tool

An essential tool for releasing mods, this tool will extract files from and insert files into MPQ files, edit character files, and allow you to view DC6 files.  While it has .tbl file editing capabilities, the files aren't saved properly if you add new strings.

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This Perl script was originally developed for Windows to export .tbl files as text files and import text files into .tbl files. It has been adapted to work correctly on the Mac, and two AppleScript droplets have been included to make it easier to use.

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MacD6 will allow you to view DC6 files, export their frames as TIFF files, replace frames with GIF files, and create new DC6 files.  DC6 files are used for inventory graphics and many of the images used by the Diablo II interface, including the skill tree backgrounds and skill icons.

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