Mac Hellforge

 A Macintosh Diablo II Modmaking Resource Site

Welcome to Mac Hellforge, a site dedicated to gathering together the tools and information necessary for creating Diablo II mods on the Macintosh.

In the Tools section, you'll find links to download the tools necessary for basic modmaking - programs to extract files from and insert files into MPQ archives and edit specific file types used by the Diablo II application.

Under Patches, you'll find utilities that patch the Diablo II application itself to add functionality, such as being able to run Diablo II using a data folder instead of a patch file to test changes you're making as you develop a mod.

For the more technically inclined, there's a code reference that attempts to map out the functions within the Diablo II application which will help out anyone attempting to edit it directly.

Finally, there are links to other sites with useful information about Diablo II and modmaking.