Dr. Vladimir Gavlas (1975 - 2006)
Machaon International dedicates this page to the commemoration of the legacy of our close friend, greatly missed husband and father, university teacher and commendable conservationist with incredible talent who passed away on 24th February 2006 in a tragic car accident near the town of Zvolen in Central Slovakia. 

Vlado's legacy

Vlado was one of those persons who stays in memory for the entire life. Even his body left us, his spirit remains with us as does his prolific scientific work which we proudly present below.

Paracaloptenus caloptenoides  (first record for Slovakia)             Photo credits: Vladimir Gavlas

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List of scientific publications

1) A comparative study on orthopteroid assemblages along a moisture gradient in the Western Carpathians (full text)

2) First record of Paracaloptenus caloptenoides (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1861) (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Calliptaminae) from Slovakia (full text)

3) Distribution of Isophya and Mecostethus parapleurus in Slovakia with comments to species of the Orthoptera order of the Muranska planina Mts (full text)

4) Ekosozologicke a ekologicke hodnotenie fauny rovnokridlovcov (Orthoptera) a modliviek (Mantodea) v juznej casti Strazovskych vrchov (master thesis)

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